Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Little House in the Big Woods Part 2

LittleHouseintheBigWoods(As mentioned yesterday: I decided to read books by Laura Ingalls Wilder this summer and see if it looks differently from an adult perspective compared to a child’s perspective. The first book was Little House in the Big Woods. What a neat trove of information I found in the book. I know many people roll their eyes when they think of these books but I think they were sweet and full of great stories that children of all ages would enjoy. I loved the books and I loved the TV series! I will be sharing topics and activities that can be done in the classroom that goes along with this book. If you think of any other activities that go along with a topic, please share!)

1. Handmade Gifts - There is a joy in making gifts with your own hands, brainstorm things you can make to give as gifts, discuss how the gift of time is as precious as material things.

2. Dressing appropriately for the weather - Discuss different types of clothes to wear in different kinds of weather.

3. Fur Trading - The art of trading; what was traded for the furs? What trading goes on in today’s world?

4. Bears and Spring - What happens when animals come out of hibernation?

5. Sugar snow - Making maple syrup and candies then and now.

6. Construction of houses - then and now; building codes

7. Stores - shopping in small towns vs. cities, then and now

8. Travel - by wagon then; modes of transportation now

Picture from Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

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