Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Run of Bad Luck

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’m not sure we would have any luck at all. Lately we have had a run of bad luck. Here is our sad saga…

We left on a Sunday to go camping and were excited about camping at the same campground as my in-laws. We headed out early and were halfway there when I noticed smoke from our Tahoe back right wheel. My husband thought the car was on fire! So, he immediately pulled in the gas station at that intersection. We ended up calling AAA and my in-laws came to rescue our travel trailer. They towed it on up to our campsite while AAA towed the Tahoe back home to the shop that had just put new brake pads on. Of course it was Sunday so we had to wait until Monday to talk to them. They had it fixed by 4:30pm and put on a new caliper, brake hose, and rotor on the left side of the car. Not really sure why the smoke came out on the right side but they checked both sides. We finally got to the campground that night around 8pm and had a lovely time.

We got home on a Thursday so I could go to my Friday meeting and left as soon as I returned from my meeting. We were heading to Orlando, FL but planned on spending the night somewhere in Georgia. We found a great campground in Darien, Georgia (Cathead Creek Ranch and RV Park) for only $25. We got up bright and early on Saturday morning around 5am to continue our journey. 003About 90 minutes later we had a blow out on the trailer tire on the right side. We called Good Sam’s Roadside assistance who sent out a company to help us but about 40 minutes later they called and said they weren’t able to change a trailer tire. I had to call Good Sam again and we waited about 70 min. for another provider to come help us. While changing the tire, his jack got stuck and he had to get a 2nd jack so he could remove the first jack! Not to mention that it was pouring down rain at this point!

Meanwhile, I’m calling places trying to find someone who sells trailer tires. Camping World sells them but has to order them and it takes 3 days! I found a Tire Kingdom who was able to get a tire for us and install it. While I’m there, I’m texting my sister in law who tells me to check the date code on the remaining tire. When we do, we find out these tires are 11 years old and probably dry rotted which caused the blow out. So, we have to get another tire for the other side of the trailer!

Okay, we finally get on our way and follow the directions from my Ipad to Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont, FL where our campground reservation is. Unfortunately, my directions brought us to an entrance that doesn’t take us to the campground. I call and they say I have to backtrack and go about 10 miles around to the main entrance on the other side of the lake! Okay, we finally arrive and check in. Then on the way to the campsite, my hubby tells me he has noticed a problem with our brakes on the Tahoe again just as the alarm sounds on the car that we have a brake system problem!

We make it to the campsite and set up. That is when we notice we can’t find the adapter for the electric cord to hook up the camper! I had lost it at the campground in Georgia! So, we head out to Walmart (about 5 miles away) praying our brakes work. We get some food while we are there in case we are stranded at the campground but on the way back, the brakes worked fine. We decided to set up our EZ Up canopy (10’ x 10’) because rain was expected. We used the huge nails to stake it down in case the wind comes by.

The next day we decide to go to Epcot and just relax from all these traumatic experiences. We had a great time and when we return, we find our EZ Up Canopy upside down, bent in all directions, and tore up. It bent the legs sideway where the stakes held the base in the ground! So we will have to throw it away and find another one. Of course we loved this canopy and had it for years and they don’t make it anymore!

On Monday we went to Animal Kingdom and had a great time before the torrential rain started. Then we decided to leave the park. At dinner we decided to head for home the next day so we packed and organized as much as we could that night.

Yesterday, we left the campground about 6am and got home 12 hours later. Luckily nothing happened on the way home and I’m so glad to be home! This had to be one of the most miserable trips we have been on.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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Sioux said...

But look on the bright side...You had the finances to make the trip (although it sounds like it was a bit more expensive than you planned)...You had fun with your hubby...You saw some cool sites and did some neat things...and, you arrived home safe and sound.

Maybe your next trip will be free of "unexpected" events of that sort...