Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dreaming the Possible

dreamIn To Dream the (Im)possible Dream from Sioux's Page, Sioux  asks,

“What dream do you have for yourself or for your writing? And...what are you doing to keep your dream burning brightly?”

Since I retired from public school, I believe that my dream is to stay connected with other educators and keep up with the education world. I’m afraid if I don’t, all that I have (knowledge and experience) will be lost. For me, that would be such a waste because I loved teaching.

So, I continue to write in my blog and connect my life experiences to education.

I read other blogs and see how they are connected to education.

When time and money allows, I attend education conferences.

I teach special education courses for my local university which means I have to stay current with education topics, trends and strategies.

I give presentations on education topics whenever it is possible.

I volunteer at the state park and lead school groups on hikes. I am able to share interesting information that relate to common core standards for that grade and I also get to share my love of nature.

So, now I will pass on the question. What is your dream and how are you keeping it burning? Please share.

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