Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Doing, Loving and Hoping

happyIn 3 Keys to Happiness.from Boji’s Blog, Boji (a dog who writes about his adventures as a therapy dog), asks,

“If you have something to do, something or someone to love and something to hope for you have found happiness! What do you do? Who do you love? What do you hope for?”

Something to do:
I love doing things and learning things. Things I am doing lately: knitting, spinning yarn, hiking, gardening, traveling, and teaching.

Someone to love:
I love my husband absolutely and to distraction! Even when he drives me crazy at times, I can’t imagine life without him.

Something to hope for:
I hope to enjoy life and good health. I hope to be able to keep my sense of humor and find a reason to laugh every day. I hope to smile and make others smile.

I guess I have found happiness! I’m truly lucky. Yet, I think happiness surrounds most of us and that the unhappy people don’t realize it. Maybe if unhappy people thought about these three things, maybe they would realize that they aren't so unhappy after all.

How about you? Have you found happiness? How would you answer these three questions? Please share.

Image: 'Happy lane'
Found on flickrcc.net

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