Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little House in the Big Woods Part 1

LittleHouseintheBigWoodsI decided to read books by Laura Ingalls Wilder this summer and see if it looks differently from an adult perspective compared to a child’s perspective. The first book was Little House in the Big Woods. What a neat trove of information I found in the book. I know many people roll their eyes when they think of these books but I think they were sweet and full of great stories that children of all ages would enjoy. I loved the books and I loved the TV series! I will be sharing topics and activities that can be done in the classroom that goes along with this book. If you think of any other activities that go along with a topic, please share!

1. Geography - this book takes place in Wisconsin. Students can identify Wisconsin on the map, identify bordering states, climate, population, topography.

2. Animals that live in the forest - this would be a great activity for young children. Some children might live in an urban area and have no idea what animals live in the forest.

3. Cooking venison - Look at the process then and now. Some people still eat venison. Look up recipes.

4. Hunting for survival vs. sport - they used every piece of the animal and didn’t waste anything.

5. Bears - talk about hibernation. What other animals hibernate? Why is hibernation important?

6. Preserving Meat - discuss about food safety and food handling.

7. Cooking hogs - talk about the process. Great activity for sequencing.

8. Butchering Time - time of the year it is done, what is involved, what is expected, what did they use the different parts of the animal for?

9. Playing dolls - compare then and now; make cornhusk dolls,

10. Every day chores - how do the chores differ from then and now; discuss if children should have required chores?

11. Making butter - have students make butter

12. Gun safety - What are the gun laws in your state? Talk about gun safety such as don’t touch guns unless you know how to use it. Maybe find a book that goes along with gun safety.

Picture from Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

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Sioux said...

Pat--I too loved the books and the series. I'm glad you're enjoying revisiting the series.