Monday, March 17, 2014

Oscar Winners In My Life

In And the Oscar Goes To…(Part 2) from Learning is Growing, Kathy Perret asks,

“Who has changed your world this year? Who deserves your ‘Oscar’?”

I had to think for a long time about who would win these Oscars. These are people who have impacted my life this year and made a difference in my life.

DavidFran169 Best Actress in a Leading Role: My next door neighbor Fran deserves this award. She has battled cancer like a warrior this year. No matter how bad this disease knocks her down, she comes up fighting with a smile and positive attitude. Her faith in God and his purpose for her in this world is amazing and truly inspiring.

Best Actress in a Supporting  Role: My sister deserves this award! I remember growing up thinking she could do everything she set 02_February her mind to do and she could do it perfectly. I was always intimidated because I knew I could never do anything near as perfect as her. Now that I’m an adult, I see our relationship so differently. When I took up knitting, she was there to help me see why I was having difficulty learning (I was trying to learn English style when my mother had taught me continental style when I was a child. Apparently muscle memory was still there!) and she is always encouraging me when I try something new. She celebrates with me when I finish a knitting project.

DSC_0021 Best Actor in a Leading Role: My husband definitely deserves this award! He is always there for me and no matter what, I know I can depend on his support for anything I really want to do in my life. He makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. He always makes me feel beautiful no matter how old I am getting!

DSC_0003Best Actor in a Supporting Role:  My father gets this award. He will turn 95 years old this year and truly an inspiration for my life. He doesn’t seem to believe in the words “I can’t.” If he wants something done, he knows how to do or to find someone who can. He is constantly in motion whether it is gardening, maintaining his home, playing pool at the senior center, or playing the slot machines at the casino. Everyone who knows him can’t believe his actual chronological age because of how active he is. He truly models the saying, “You are only as old as you feel!”

036 Best Picture: The best picture goes to last Labor Day when we went to Myrtle Beach to meet up with my niece, her husband Mike, her youngest daughter, and her oldest daughter and husband. It had been years since we all were together and we had a magical time together. Who would have known that three months later we would lose Mike suddenly? I’m so thankful that we took the time to meet up with them. This showed me that life is too short not to make sure that your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

So now I ask you, who in your life deserve Oscars? Please share.

Original photo by Pat Hensley

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