Monday, March 10, 2014

Bridging the App

switch I recently attended the South Carolina Council for Exceptional Children’s state conference and learned a lot of great things. 

This session, Bridging the App, was presented by Liz Maggee and April Garrett.

Description: Move beyond the single-user app and design functional group lessons centered on age-appropriate technology.

1. They presented demonstrated different activities to use in the classroom.

2. They also demonstrated how to use a switch with an iPad for students who need this extra help.

3. Also shown were different ways to adapt the Ipad depending on the needs of each student.

4. They also shared different activities that can pair students up with different ability levels.

5. QR codes were explained and different ways to use QR codes in the classroom were given.

Here is the link to their presentation:

Takeaway: I love seeing ways to implement new tools and strategies in the classroom. Not only did the presenters share new ideas to use in the class but they also shared different ways to actually use them in the classroom.

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