Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 13 Another Favorite Book

On the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook, the twenty day blogging challenge created by Kelly Hines was mentioned and I decided to give it a shot. So here is the challenge for today:

“Tell about your favorite book to teach or share. Provide at least one example of an extension or cross curricular lesson.”

TakedownAnother book I liked to use as a classroom novel was Takedown by EMJ Benjamin . It is a story about a high school wrestler who is diagnosed with epilepsy. The reader finds out how he deals with the new turn his life has taken. I think many students can understand how the wrestler feels because many times they have had obstacles come up in their lives. This is a great novel to use for class discussions about disabilities, peer pressure, health, hiding things from your parents, dealing with health issues, and high school athletics. This book is good because it also appeals to the males in a classroom. My male students were interested in reading this and finding out what happens next.

I also happened to contact the author to see if she could speak to my class by Skype or over the phone. I was so excited to find out that she actually had lived in our town and was willing to come to my class in person to speak to the class. What a wonderful bonus!! I had never heard of this author before and found out that the authors was really Ellen Bache and her husband who is now deceased. He used to be a high school teacher so he wrote from experience. She is a distinguished author and written some books that had become well known movies.

What book do you like to teach or share in your classroom? Please share.

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Ellyn said...

Thank you so much, Pat. This book has always been close to my heart because I wrote it with my late husband. I'm so glad to know you still keep it in mind!