Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teaching Students with Autism in an Integrated Classroom

InterviewRecently I was interviewed by Rae Pica the host of the Educators Radio on Bam! Radio: The Voice of the Education Community. The topic was “Teaching Students with Autism in an Integrated Classroom” and I was guest along with Dr. Stephen Shore of Adelphi University. Rae Pica was a gracious and very patient host which really helped. I really appreciate her taking the time to include me in this discussion and letting me share my thoughts.

You can hear the show by clicking HERE and clicking “Play.”

I guess it is normal but after the interview, I thought of all the things I should have/could have said. I’m not sure it was my best interview but I was pretty nervous since I’ve never been interviewed for an education radio show before. We were not given the questions beforehand so my answers were totally unrehearsed.

If I could add anything I think I would add that teachers can also use parents and students as a great resource. Parents have worked with their children much longer than I have so they know things that work or motivate their child. They also know what doesn’t work with them. This can really cut down the trial and error time that many teachers go through with new students. Depending on the age of the student, many times older students have great insight in what works or doesn’t work for them. I think it is important for teachers to listen to them too.

What advice would you give teachers? Please share.

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