Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Learning Place 2012 Week One

001Last week was the first week of Summer Learning Place 2012.

Needless to say it was an interesting week.

Monday – The school was hot as expected. The air condition is turned off on Thursdays so the school gets hot over the weekend. I met with the teachers and talked about what I expected from them. They were able to sit and plan with their coteacher and prepare the classroom for the next day. All of them seemed full of enthusiasm but somewhat anxious.

Tuesday - first day with children. The first 45 minutes went well until a 7 year old had a major meltdown. After conferring with the mother over the phone, it was agreed that the child would stay so he wouldn’t learn that his unacceptable behavior would get him what he wanted. For 2 hours and 15 minutes, he continued his meltdown. He refused to go to class and kept trying to run away. When the mother came to pick him up, we discussed his behavior. If he can not stay in class, then we couldn’t have him there due to a safety issue. The mother was under the impression that since we dealt with behavior issues, that we could “fix” him. (Really, in 15 days at 3 hours a day, we could “fix” him?) Needless to say, I was tired by the time all of the children left.

Wednesday - The 7 year old was an angel all day. Unfortunately when we put him in the car and bragged about him, mother’s response in front of the child and his sibling was, “ Great! But you know just because he was good today is no guarantee he will be good tomorrow.”I was able to observe 3 teachers today.

Thursday - The 7 year old was absent for a doctor’s appointment. I was able to observe the 3 other teachers today. It was a great day!

I really am enjoying this group of teachers this year! They are energetic and full of ideas. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I love all the great vibes I get just from being around them. Some are at the school before I ever arrive (and I get there really early) and they are still there when I leave. I can really tell how committed they are to making this whole experience a good one. Just in one week I can already see growth in them professionally.

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Sioux said...

I had to chuckle (and I could, since it didn't happen to me) when I read what the mother said, sabotaging the kid and the teachers and setting the kid up to act up on another day.

Yes, teaching would be so much easier if parents, teachers and students could all work on the same team.

I look forward to reading how this experience finishes--with a bang or a whimper? ;)