Thursday, July 19, 2012

Empowered by Leadership

EmpowerIn What ways has leadership empowered you to become a better teacher? Dean Shareski asks,

“What ways has leadership empowered you to become a better teacher?”

The principal that I remember the most is the one who influenced me the most. I probably grew the most professionally under him and he was the one that I spent the least amount of years with during my teaching career.

Here are ways that his leadership had empowered me:

He believed in me and never showed any doubt in my ability to be a good teacher.

He made me feel appreciated by what he said to me and the things he noticed that I did. He might mention this at a faculty meeting or even drop a short note in my mailbox.

He asked my opinion about how his decisions might affect my students. This may not have changed his decision but he let me know that my input helped him with his decision making. Sometimes it did change his decision.

He didn’t show favoritism to some teachers over others and tried to be fair and consistent.

His door was always open to teachers and if we had a problem, we knew we could go to him.

He encouraged me to try new things with the philosophy that if it didn’t work, we would just try something else. It never hurt to try.

He expected more of me than I thought I could do and I rose to the occasion. (I think I need to do that more with my students.) I accomplished what he asked and even surprised myself.

He encouraged me to grow professionally and made sure that I had opportunities to do so.

He treated teachers as professionals and expected them to act that way. Sometimes some administrators treat teachers as if they are the students.

This administrator stands out so much in my mind and I will never forget him. I truly believe it is his actions that helped me be a better teacher.

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Removals said...

These are some very truthful and wise words, that I am definitely going to keep in mind for the years to come, as am just starting to develop in the teaching field. Graduating just couples months ago my English major, I knew that teaching is my vocation, by no means, but your words once again, made me see why!Thanks so much for that post and the entire blog!

Jack Collins said...

I am not a teacher but I have had many wonderful leaders in my life who have encouraged me to be a leader. I have taught others before but not in a professional setting like a school. I think that for me without having great leaders in my life encouraging me and being role models I would never have been able to teach others. I think it is important for everyone to find someone they consider a leader and watch how they lead.

Emma said...

My name is Emma and I've been a teacher for about twenty years now. Currently, I teach eighth grade. I enjoyed reading the tips and inspiration about good leaders. My principal is the bomb. She, too, is a great leader, is fair, is very supportative, and encouraging. It makes a world of difference when the head of the school takes his/her position seriously by showing you that they are there for everyone: students, teachers, staff, parents, community, etc.,nothing and no one is taken for granted. You feel at home and respected.