Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Learning Place 2012

008SLPSummer Learning Place is comprehensive, small group, instructional program for children/youth ages 6-14 with learning difficulties.

This week I started to teach my practicum class which lasts for 4 weeks. I have 6 students who are getting their master’s degree in special education. During this time, they are teachers in a small school setting with 22 children (ages 6-13). Each of my students will be case managers for 3 or 4 students but there will be two teachers in each classroom. Letters were sent out to special education classes in the spring informing parents how they could enroll their children into our program. We usually have a waiting list every year.

This first week will consist of preassessment and goal setting for each child. Each child will have reading and math goals and possibly writing and social skills goals. Every week, parents will be given a report about the classroom and their individual child. The final report is more detailed so parents can actually give that to their child’s teacher when school begins.

Each of my students (the teachers) will turn in lesson plans to me and I will do formal observations as well as evaluate their reports. They will also have to write a blog reflection as well as comment on 3 other blogs each week. I will be posting their blogs here later and asking for my friends (that means you!) to check them out and leave a comment.

I am really excited about this month long adventure! I will keep you updated on how things are going!

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