Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tracking Habits

Spring and summer are a good time to work on improving healthy habits. For some reason, the warmer, nicer weather makes it easier to work on these.

Here are some of the habits that I want to improve on a regular basis:

·      Eating fewer carbs (daily)
·      Logging in my food (daily)
·      Walking at least 10,000 steps (daily)
·      Cleaning or gardening (daily)
·      Reading the Bible (daily)
·      Writing a blog post. (5 times a week)
·      Creating scrapbook pages (10 per month)
·      Losing weight (lose 10 lbs. in one year)

I have found out that keeping track of my habits helps me stick to them better. I feel like I’m holding myself accountable and if I have to write it down, then it motivates me to follow through. If I see that I’m not meeting my goal, I push myself harder to work on the habit.

Since I’ve started keeping a bullet journal, it has helped me track these habits. I’m not sure exactly what style of tracker I like yet and I’m experimenting with different styles. I keep trying different ones to find the one that motivates me best.

I think my students would benefit from tracking their habits also. When I had them make a graph of their weekly average, many of them really were motivated by seeing the visual. It helped motivate them to do better and try harder. Those that were doing well, did not like to see their progress decrease. I think most people are like this.

Do you track your habits? If so, how? Please share.

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