Monday, May 28, 2018

Classroom Arrangement

As the end of the year arrives, it is a good time to look at the class arrangement. I like to take photos of the classroom, so I can think about the next school year and see if I want to move anything. This is a good time to reflect on this while it is still fresh in my mind. I believe that arranging the classroom just right can affect the student’s learning.

Teacher Desk: Is it in the right location? I always like my desk to be in catty cornered in the corner of the room and not front and center but for some people, that might work better. How much time do I spend there? Are there organizational trays for paperwork so my desk isn’t cluttered with toppling stacks of paper?

File cabinet: Where is it placed? Is it strategically placed so I don’t have to walk so far to it when I need to file things. If so, that may be why I have no many papers that need to be filed and aren’t.

Group Work Area: Is the big table where I need it to be? Would a different location be better for group activity? Is it inviting for group work? Is it out of the flow where it won’t distract people working at their desks?

Student desks: Are they arranged where everyone can have access to the main board if needed? Are they arranged so each student has their own personal space? Are they arranged the most effective way possible?

Bookshelves: Where are the bookshelves? Are they appropriately placed? Can they be moved? If so, would a different location be better?

Resources: Are the resources that students might need such as reference books or dictionaries in a place that is easily accessible? Where would be a better place?

Clutter: Are there areas in the room that get too cluttered? What is the cause? How can this be eliminated? Clutter can be very distracting to learners.

I cut little shapes to represent each of these things so I can play around with placement on a piece of paper. Then I try to draw a diagram of the classroom and move the shapes around until I think it is the most effective. Once I get a diagram I like, I take a photo of it for reference. Once the school year starts, I will already have this waiting for me and it will save me time and stress.

What other target spots do you think are important and why? Please share.

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