Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Free is Still Good

In I still like free from Blue Skunk Blog,  Doug Johnson shares,

“…I would urge teachers and techies alike to take advantage of free.”

I know that many people are suspicious of “free” because everyone believes that “nothing in life is free.” But I use a lot of free software and apps on my computer. I think it is important to realize that someday it may not be free so use it while you can. We should use the free things while they are available but just not depend on them always staying free. With this understanding, I believe it is great to use the free things.

I am a knitter and find a lot of free patterns online. Many people may feel the quality is not as good as paid-for patterns, but I have to disagree. Many are just as good or even better than some of the patterns that I have paid for.

I still use Blogger which is this free blog platform and have been using it for about 11 years. I encourage my students to use this platform for the blogs that I require them to have. I find it very easy to use and would definitely recommend it to others. I have tried other free platforms, but this is my preference. Thank goodness it is still free after all this time.

I’m glad the social media that I use is still free. I use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Ravelry (for crafters). I have been using all of them for a number of years and so glad I don’t have to pay for them.

I used to use other free platforms that have eventually gone to a paid subscription or disappeared entirely. I feel that this is just the nature of the beast. Things come and go and sometimes change is good. If I hadn’t been “forced” to find something new, I might have gotten in a rut.

How do you feel about using free things? Please share.

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