Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Word of the Year - Focus

Last year’s word was Appreciate and I think I did a good job of appreciating everything in my life. Every morning I named 3 things that I was thankful for and this helped me think about all the things I appreciated about my life.

This year’s word is going to be Focus.

The definition of focus is to “pay particular attention to.”

I want to focus more on the things that are going on around me and the things that I want to pay attention to in my own life. I think that last year I hopped from one thing to another and was very distracted. I was easily drawn to new and “shiny” things with shiny being anything that caught my attention at the time.

I want to focus on eating better. I want to work on not overeating and eating too much junk food.

I want to focus on learning a new knitting technique such as double knitting.

I want to focus on my gardens this year and make them pretty again.

I want to focus on strengthening my friendships and not taking them for granted.

I want to focus on decluttering my house of all my junk that I’m saving for “sentimental” reasons. I hope to take photos of the things that I should let go so I will have the photo as a memory.

I want to focus on getting rid of lots of clothing that no longer fit me or that I don’t wear any more.

What word or theme would you like to guide you this year? Please share.

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