Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goals for 2016

These are my goals for 2016. Listing them and reviewing them really helped me stay focused on them last year.  I’m changing my goals to yearly in order to alleviate some stress but I will continue to monitor them monthly. I want to achieve my goals but I don’t want to stress myself out over them!

Yearly goals: I did pretty well last year by meeting all but 1 of my goals. I think I set myself up for failure by not making that goal realistic so I’ve amended it for this year. I’m keeping some of the same goals but increasing the expectations on some of them for this coming year.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly goals: Last year, I had a 100% successful completion rate so I am amending some goals and I’m also adding a couple of new ones in.

1.     Lose 10 lbs.   (Rolled over from last year and amended to a specific loss)
2.     Spin 52 oz. of fiber (increased by 10% from last year)
3.     Use at least 5 skeins of my handspun (increased by one more skein than last year)
4.     Use at least 3 skeins from my stash that was bought in 2015 or earlier. (New!)
5.     Knit 132 squares on my Mitered Square Sock Yarn blanket. (Changed from a monthly goal to a yearly goal so it won’t be so stressful. Plus I increased the total by 10%)
6.     Walk at least 1320 miles. (Increased by 10% from last year’s goal)
7.     Name 3 things from the day before that I’m thankful for. (continued from last year)
8.     Write down one thing that my husband did the day before that I really appreciate. (continued from last year)
9.     Balance my checkbook, check credit card statements, and pay bills weekly. (New!)
10.  Try 12 new recipes. I have been making the same old stuff when we are at home and think I need to try to liven up our meals. (New!)
11.  Work in my yard/garden at least 12 times. (Changed from last year because once a week was not realistic due to traveling)
12.  Read 12 non-fiction books. (This will be the third year with this goal and I think if I didn’t have it, I would not ready any non-fiction books at all.)

Do you have any goals you want to work on this year? How will you keep yourself accountable?  Please share.

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