Thursday, January 7, 2016


Sometimes I feel like I haven’t accomplished much the past year and then I sit down and try to list some of the things that I did. I’m usually surprised at the statistics so I thought I would try to think of this past year and all of the things that I accomplished.

I wonder if my students feel the same way and how more confident they would feel if they would look back and see all that they have accomplished. Little steps should be applauded as much as big steps.

I may need to keep a list of their accomplishments as they happen so I can remind them of them when we look at how far they have come. Sometimes having an impartial view helps us see more than we see ourselves.

I decided to list some of my accomplishments from last year.

Photos for Photos a Day Project - 365
Blog posts - 266
Books read - 44
Road trips – 6
Cruises – 4
Spinning – spun 11 skeins of yarn
Knitting projects completed – 36 including
·      Socks – 8
·      Shawls – 11
·      Toys – 5
·      Mittens – 2
·      Hats – 5
·      Sweaters – 1
·      Scarf – 1
·      Dishcloth/duster – 2
·      Leprosy bandages – 2

I’m going to look harder at the accomplishments of others so that when they are feeling down about themselves, I can remind them of all that they have accomplished!

What have you accomplished this past year? Please share.

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