Monday, January 18, 2016

2015 Photo A Day Project

Last year I participated in the Photo A Day project that I do on every odd numbered year. If you would like to see my photos, you can go to my Flickr album and see them HERE. I really saw an improvement in my choices of subjects and how I framed them in the photo.

 I really enjoyed doing it but I really need a year off between so that taking photos every day doesn’t become a chore. I tend to get in a rut and then it gets boring so I make myself take a year off. I still take photos but I don’t commit myself to taking one every day. I’m always excited the first half of the year, and then my excitement slows down and by December I’m ready to end the project.

I think this is a great project to get students involved in. There are so many ways to use photos taken by students in the classroom! You can do every school day or every school week or just weekends. Their photos could be used for writing prompts or discussions.

I hope you enjoy my photos!

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