Thursday, December 8, 2016

Winter Crafts

Here are some activities to do in the winter. Many are birdfeeders but there are a few other crafts too.

Birdcake – Tie the end of a  piece of string to a pencil. Lay the pencil across a heatproof cup with the string hanging down. Mix seeds in melted bacon fat and then pour in a heatproof cup. Let it harden. Remove from the cup and hang it on a branch for birds.

Frozen Bird Wreath – fill a bundt pan with old cereal, oatmeal, rice (it is a myth that rice is bad for birds!). Then fill the pan with water and freeze it (either in a freezer or outside if it is cold enough). Then tie ribbon or string around it and hang it from a sturdy branch.

Toilet paper roll bird feeder – spread peanut butter all over the outside of a toilet paper roll. Then roll it in a dish of bird seed. Put string or ribbon through the roll and hang from a tree.

Heart shaped bird feeder – toast a piece of bread. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes. Punch a small hole in it to add string. Spread peanut butter on both sides and press both sides in a plate of bird seed. Put string or ribbon through the hole once it hardens overnight and hang from a tree.

Pipe Cleaner Birdfeeder – String cherrios on a pipecleaner and hang from the trees for birds.

Ice ornaments – use boiled cooled water for a clearer ice. Use plastic molds or different shapes of dishes. Add enough yarn or string so it hangs over the edge. (you will tie this to the branch). Fill the dish/molds with the water and add natural decorations (leaves, berries, etc.) Freeze these either in your freezer or outside. To remove, did the bottom of the molds in warm water to loosen and remove ice ornament. Hang from a branch.

Glitter Glue Snowflakes – get some acetate and have students draw snowflakes on the acetate with the Glitter Glue. You can make a stencil for students to place the acetate over and use as a guide. Let dry and then trim. Display on a window or hang from a tree.

Melting Ice Science Experiment – make colorful suncatchers

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