Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Big Love Challenge

“The BIG LOVE Challenge requires you to spread unconditional kindness, compassion and care for ten days to as many people as possible – not just family members, friends and those nice people you met on holiday. We mean everyone - even people not on your Christmas card list.”

and it is free!

Every day for 10 days you’ll be sent a collection of novel suggestions, exercises and ideas. Some are simply attitudes to adopt, others are tasks to complete – but they’re all optional. You can choose as many (or none) of the ideas on a given day that you want - but like anything in life that requires some effort, you get from the exercise what you put in. Some ideas may involve a small monetary outlay, but most cost only your time. Towards the end of the challenge you'll also be presented with the opportunity to join an exciting group project.”

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