Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Upstate Technology Conference 2016

I had a wonderful time last week at the Upstate Technology Conference put on by our local school district. It is totally free but there is a limit to the number of participants so it is hard to get in if you don’t register as soon as registration opens. I learned a lot and feel that I found a lot of things that will be useful. Here are some of my notes that I wanted to share with you.

Chrome Top 20 Extensions by Stacy Holcombe

  • Save to Pocket
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Extensify - enables or disables extensions so your computer runs faster.
  • OneTab- puts all your tabs into one; can open them all back up if needed.
  • Checker Plus for Google Calendar

When sharing documents that you don't want others to edit:

Go to Google Drive, then pick a document and get the shareable link.

Everything after the forward slash before “edit” and change to copy:

Advanced Uses of Google Forms

Under settings, make a quiz (only works with multiple choice with one answer).

Google – icon’s nicknames:  hot dog, hamburger, waffle

·      Autocrat
·      EZ Query
·      Flubaroo
·      Formule –  has templates

Google Apps That Make Teaching Life a Breeze

1.     Typing Club – teaching typing
2.     Storybird – can be used for any subject; create a story based on the pictures that you find; picture books, long book, or poetry form; great for early finishers
3.     Pdf to Word Doc converter – free, great for when you need to edit a .pdf file.
4.     Google Keep – they can add pictures and summarize them; all notes can have labels for organization
5.     Google Classroom – great for inclusion classes; put your notes in there
6.     Diigo – bookmarking tool; you can highlight and tag
7.     Newsela – article generator; sort according grade level, reading standard, language
8.     Snagit – allows you to screen capture anything
9.     Voice Note II – chrome extension; dictate and it writes it out.
10.  Gliffy – creating mind maps, flow charts; trial period and then 90 day extension; can export as an image
11.  Pixlr Editor – photoshop on the computer; search for “Pixlr Editor Tutorial”
12.  Canva -
13.  smore – make newsletters
14.  Exit Ticket – You have to manually upload your assessments
15.  USA Test Prep – great tests and resources for you to use; printable resources;

(control and plus or minus to zoom in or out of site)

Multiplying Your Voice Through Screencasting

Use Screencastify – a google chrome extension
Google cardboard – you need a device
Apps to use with Google cardboard –
Google Cardboard
Google Streetview
Google Expeditions
Presentation slideshow at
Screencasts – 3 or 4 min. but no more than 5
Can be accessed repeatedly
The listener becomes in charge of their learning.
·      Screenchomp – free
·      Show Me – free
·      Explain Everything – cost
·      Screencastify – free google extension; 10 minutes
·      Screencastomatic –
·      Camtasia Studio – paid version of Screencastify

Practice a couple of times before recording.

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