Thursday, July 21, 2016

M is Magic

Teaching is magic and learning is magical. That is what I tell my students.

You have to believe in order for the magic to happen. If you don’t believe you can teach, then don’t. If you don’t believe you or anyone else can learn, then you won’t see the learning that happens.

A big part of teaching involves enthusiasm and excitement. Being a teacher means you can have a big impact on every student you teach.

I love the moment when my students understand something new for the first time. I feel that is the magical moment. They suddenly have success because they understand. It has meaning to them and it makes sense. There are no words to describe when this happens so I always think about it as magic.

Teaching is hard, emotional, and even frustrating but when the magic happens, it makes it all worth while!

I taught for over thirty years and I never regretted for a minute about going into this profession.

If you are thinking of going into teaching, please consider the magic and all the wonders that it entails.

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