Monday, July 18, 2016

Back of the Book Blurb #17 Challenge

From Sioux's Page, Sioux offers this challenge.
She posts a picture and you need to imagine it as a graphic for a book. You choose the genre and book title, and then write a blurb that might appear on the back of the book.

·                The blurb should be 150 words or less (not including the title).
·                The genre is wide-open.
·                Each blogger should include their blurb on their own blog, and link back to this post.
·                Have fun with it. Go to the other posts and comment on the other blurbs. 
·                You can do fancy techy things with the photo.

(Join in if you dare...! It sounds like fun! I think this would be a lot of fun to do with students especially since they would be expected to write 150 words or less!)

The Magic Eraser

Molly hated school because she always messed up.  One night she made a wish that she could do things she couldn’t do.

The next day at school, the teacher told the class to write down the word “impossible” and then erase the letters I and M. The teacher said all things were possible if they kept trying. Molly suddenly realized that her wish must be coming true! This was great!

During the math test,  Molly knew the answers! Usually when they took a test, she froze and couldn’t remember anything!

On the playground, Molly played kickball. She remembered the magic eraser! When it was her turn to kick, the others teased her because she always missed the ball with her foot. This time she waited, and then gave the ball a big wallop!  

Read more to see what else Molly was suddenly able to do!! This magic eraser works wonders!  (150 words)

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Sioux said...

Pat--I really wish there was such a thing as a magic eraser.Just imagine the things we could do!

Thanks for playing along. I appreciate it.