Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Summer Learning Place Weeks 1 and 2

The first two weeks of our summer program has gone well. I know that the teachers wonder how much growth is possible in a four-week program but I always see a lot of growth in the first two weeks. Even though there are four students per teacher, learning takes place immediately. The teachers are learning a lot about the characteristics of students who struggle and also learn that no two students are alike. They are also learning to be prepared for anything and just because a student knew the material yesterday, doesn’t mean he will know it today. They have also learned that any changes in routines can affect a student negatively in the classroom. Plus getting in touch with parents to find out what strategies work with their child can really help in the classroom. The teachers are also learning a lot about chronological age not matching with ability levels and that individualization is the key. I love reading the teacher’s blog posts where they reflect on their classroom teaching and I’ve learned some new strategies from them. One of the reasons I love teaching this course is because it helps me grow a lot too.

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Sioux said...

Pat--You sound like you're having a great summer. The college class I taught this summer is always so much fun, I would teach it for free... but don't tell anyone. ;)