Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Don’t Get Run Over

crossingguardA few weeks ago when we were visiting my parents, we almost ran over a teenager who skateboarded into the middle of the street. We missed her and then she was almost hit by another car! I’m not sure she ever noticed how close she came to being killed.

During our conversation, it was mentioned that with school guards stopping traffic to let children cross the street, that children don’t know how to cross streets safely any more. They automatically think that cars will stop for them. It seems like there are more and more pedestrian vs. car accidents. Maybe we take it for granted that cars will stop for us and we forget that a false assumption can cause death.

I remember growing up and when I crossed the street, my parents made me look both ways before crossing. They let me practice this at a young age. I would come to an intersection and my parents would have me cross them after determining that it was safe to cross.

I think it would be a good idea for school crossing guards to take the time to teach children how to cross the street. Even if cars get impatient, this skill is one that needs to be taught and not assumed that children will learn this skill. Have children check to make sure it is safe to cross and once it is determined that it is safe, the crossing guard can stand in the middle of the road with the stop sign.

Maybe this is just one skill that we have stopped teaching our children. Good manners like opening the doors for the elderly, offering your seat to an older person, saying thank you or please when you want something, and even sending thank you notes have fallen to the way side.

What things have you noticed that we have stopped teaching our young people? Please share.
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