Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Lessons

As December approaches so do the holidays and many people celebrate different holidays and different ways. Here are some suggestions for the classroom, which can be adjusted depending on the ages and abilities of the students.  This can be a one or two week unit.

Break students into groups to study different cultural holidays celebrated in December.

Have each group give a presentation about the holiday they researched. Possible questions to answer are:

·       What is this holiday?
·       What makes it special?
·       What traditions are associated with this holiday?
·       Compare it to the other 2 holidays. How are they similar? How are they different?
·       What are three things that you can show as a symbol of the holiday?
·       Make something yourselves that symbolizes this holiday.

I think this is something that would interest students since the holiday vacation is coming and it is hard to help them focus. 

What holiday lessons do you teach in your classroom? Please share.

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neochonetes said...

Pat, after I read your post, all sorts of lesson ideas came to the forefront.

Each group could use a Google Form to answer their questions, then the teacher could get students to build a matrix graphic organizer (infographic) from their research.

Each group could invite a guest who celebrates the holiday.

Thanks, from n2teaching (a Plurkadian friend) for sharing this great idea.