Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Role Models

In March Mindset from Actualization, Walter asks, 

“If I asked you who your current role models and mentors are, would you have names on the tip of your tongue? I know we spend a lot of time modeling and mentoring for others. But how about others who serve that role for you?”
My husband is a great role model and mentor. He wakes up every morning with a positive attitude and shares how happy he is to be alive!  Whenever I have an idea to try something new, he is always able to help me thing about the logistics before I jump into anything too fast. He is the common sense to my craziness. If I really want to do something, he is there encouraging me and pushing me so I don’t give up when things get hard. If I have a problem I can’t solve, I can run it by him and we talk about possible solutions.

The ladies in my Monday night knitting group are all great mentors. I know when I have a knitting problem that someone in this group will be there to help me. I don’t mind trying new challenges because they are my safety net. When I accomplish something, they are always there to celebrate my successes.

My niece, Deanna is a great role model. A young single mother who lost her husband unexpectedly never complains and is doing a fabulous job raising her 10-year-old daughter. I don’t know if I could do all that she does without the support of another adult in the household.  I think she is very smart and very brave.

My friend Laura Mohr who I met through Council for Exceptional Children is a great role model and mentor.  Even though she no longer is in the classroom, she continues to be involved in making the education system a better place for students and teachers. Whenever she reads my blog posts and comments on them, I feel honored that someone like her would take the time to read what I wrote. Sometimes she helps me clarify what I’m saying so others will understand better. If I ever need help with information, I know that I can go to her if I need to. I hope when I “grow up,” I can be just like her!

Who are your role models and mentors? Please share!

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