Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In Keepers from Sioux's Page Sioux asks, 

"What are some things you've kept? Sentimental minds wants to know..."

I kept all the old acrylic sweaters my mother knit me and stored them in the attic. Last year I found them and they felt terrible compared to my wool sweaters that I’m knitting.  I decided to make photos of each one and then donate the sweaters. Now I will keep the memories of those sweaters forever.

I have kept everything that I’ve knitted the past 7 years and realized that I need to weed out some of the things. Some of them I no longer like and some no longer fit me. So, I offered them to my daughter so she could keep what she wanted and donate the rest. This was really hard for me but I have photos of all the items to remember them.

I have boxes and boxes of books! Many that I had as a child and some that I still love and not willing to get rid of. Some of them I use as reference material and even though I don’t need it now, I might in the future. Some are out of print and may never be found again if I get rid of them and want to read them again. Books are like old friends to me and it hurts my heart to get rid of the good ones.

Lots of paper stuff. I’ve decided that I will start to scan the important stuff into my computer and get rid of the hard copies. This will help free up some space.

I have clothes and plenty of them! I tend to buy a t-shirt from every place we travel to and they are great souvenirs. I like to wear the shirts because they bring back good memories of my trips. I’ve decided to get rid of all the old faded, torn, sad looking shirts to allow room for new shirts and new memories.

I have kept cute and memorable items from former students. These little treasures remind me of the successes that these students achieved. I also have photos of former students, some that I took and some that they gave me so I wouldn’t forget them. I hope they somehow that they know I still treasure these items. I may scan into the computer the paper items and take photos of the other things like I did my sweaters.

What kind of things have you kept? Please share!

Image: 'Junk Impacted Garage' 
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