Thursday, March 26, 2015

No More Common Core in SC

I was so excited to hear that Common Core Standards Dead in South Carolina!

I understand the idea behind Common Core standards but I didn’t agree with them. I think it was taking away basic skills that are important for our children to learn. I think we were trying too hard to make all children in our country be the same instead of teaching individual children according to their needs. Let’s face it; children in different areas of the country are raised differently with different values, different cultures, and different socioeconomic backgrounds. To expect all of these children to learn at the same rate is totally ridiculous.

I’m glad to see that they have brought cursive writing back (which was taken away with Common Core Standards). Cursive writing helps fine motor skills, and an important tool for cognitive development. Some researchers believe that cursive writing can even ease symptoms of dyslexia. 

Also returning is the requirement that students know their multiplication facts in grade 4. This is such an important skill for children and is the foundation for learning harder math skills. I’m not sure how students could progress without knowing their multiplication tables. Or maybe these were being taught anyway even though it was not required.

Some people complain that our new standards are harder. From the examples I’ve seen, I think they are more specific. Hopefully these will help guide teachers in their lessons.  I know that our new standards will have their problems too but I don’t believe there is a perfect set of standards that will magically make all of our students successful. I believe that we need to do the best we can and expect our students to do the best they can.

What is your opinion of Common Core Standards? How do you feel about cursive writing and multiplication tables? Please share.

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Sioux said...

Pat--We are taking the CC test in less than two weeks. Perhaps you should ask again after we're finished with it? ;)