Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Camper Adventure

camperWe started off on our adventure with our new camper. We were supposed to leave on Saturday but then heavy rains arrived so we postponed our trip until Monday. Well, Monday arrived with some fog but no rain so off we go. On the way, Don reminds me that we didn’t check the tail lights and the turn signals which we want to do every time we get in the car so I decide that we need a checklist before we “take off” for new adventures or to get back home. We decided to stop at Cracker Barrel in Anderson for breakfast and it is there that we find out that we had forget to connect the pigtail to the Tahoe and it has been dragging all the way. In Clemson we stop for electrical tape for Don to fix that.

We find our “perfect” campsite (#31) along the lake and it looks level. Boy, were we wrong! We ended up putting 2 blocks under the right tire which leveled it some but not enough to run the refrigerator. Don also lowered the stabilizing jacks with a ratchet but he sure wishes he brought his electric drill for this.

We met the neighbors! John and Sandy (Couch) Crawford who are from Taylors and was camping in a van that John had fixed up. Sandy grew up next door to Frances and Homer Elsberry from our church. Across from the bathroom were Homer and Madonna who had a “street light” fixed up in the trees (a lamp fixture in a white bucket) which was pretty bright.

Late in the afternoon, we had an afternoon thunder shower and Madonna came down to let us know we were supposed to have high winds and hail but that missed us luckily. After the rain left, we enjoyed a beautiful campfire that Don built and tried to identify the frogs that we heard. Poor Don burned his finger playing with the campfire. Then when he tried to turn out the outside light on the camper, it blew the bulb out (possibly from some moisture from the rain). Oh well, that will give him something new to play with.

It was really nice spending the night in the camper. I was warm and the bed was comfortable. Besides that I had lights and could read comfortably before going to sleep. I think I’m going to like this new camper! During the 3 nights that we camped, we had rain and thunderstorms each evening and night. It was really nice to watch DVDs on my laptop inside where we were safe and dry.

One day we walked around the campground and scouted out other sites that we might like. In fact, we changed our site for when we return in June. This will be closer to Don’s sister and her husband’s site. Hopefully at this site, Don will be able to play with the TV and get a satellite signal.

Hitching it back up on the Tahoe went without any problems and we got home and unpacked quickly.

Our next trip may be heading to the Smokies and using our generator. That may be a whole new adventure!

Original Photo by Pat Hensley

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