Monday, May 9, 2011

Thank You Mothers!

mothersYesterday was Mother’s Day here in the US (I don’t know if other countries celebrate it and if they do, on the same day.) I want to thank all the mothers out there, not just in my circle of family and friends but all the mothers who have supported me in my teaching career.

I remember all the mothers who were in PTA (or PTSA) on the elementary school level who were class mothers, or PTA officers. Some of the mothers brought goodies to my class. Others went with me when I went on home visits.

When I taught on the high school level, many of the parents were involved in Teacher Appreciation Week as well as special gifts throughout the year.

Many of my students’ mothers have been there when I called to support me when I was teaching their children. I had such a special relationship with many of the mothers that when I felt discouraged, I would call them for a pep talk. When they felt discouraged, they would call me and I would try to be encouraging. It was this kind of support that made me feel great about teaching.

Some of the students’ mothers knew me from extracurricular activities around the school because their children weren’t in my classroom. They also were supportive and encouraging. They always found time to thank me for supporting their children.

Mothers are important! Whether she is your mother or someone else’s mother, a mother is special! Thank you again to all the mothers who have touched my life!

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elysabeth said...

Wonderful post - thanks for recognizing the mothers as being special. Just to answer your first part of the posting - my friend actually posted a listing of all the countries and when they celebrate mother's day - you can find that listing at - and hopefully she will have her father's day pages up soon - bless you - Mrs. E :)

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loonyhiker said...

@elysabeth Thanks for the link and for reading my blog! I checked out your sites and they look great too!

Emily said...

I just thought I would comment on what you said about other countries. We celebrate Mother's Day here in Peru on the same day at the U.S.A., and it is quite a big celebration!