Monday, May 23, 2011

Standing Indian Camp Out

035(If you want to see pictures of this weekend, click here: Friday and Saturday)

I had an awesome weekend camping with friends in NC. We got to the group site at Standing Indian campground first and set up our tent. Of course I forgot the batteries for the pump to blow up our air mattress so we headed to Franklin for supplies and lunch. When we arrived back at camp, the others had arrived and we did a short hike (4 miles) to Pickens Nose. At the end, we even saw some rock climbers as well as wildflowers. The rhododendron was in full bloom. We saw a junco nest on the trail under a step. It was truly amazing. I never knew birds built nests like that. Of course the views were breath taking!

Then on Saturday we did a killer hike (7 miles with 2000 ft. elevation gain) to Albert Mountain Fire Tower by way of Bear Pen Trail and Appalachian Trail. We met some Univ. of Georgia students who were taking a environmental class and they showed us a vireo nest in a tree and we all thought it was just blown debris. Amazing what I learned about birds this weekend. I thought I would never make it up to the fire tower and the last half mile was straight up hill and was almost rock climbing. I did finally get to the top of the fire tower and had a 360 degree view of the scenery and it made that miserable uphill worth it.

Flora and Fauna include:

1. Rhododendron

2. Junco’s nest with baby bird

3. Indian Cucumber

4. Yellow Star Grass

5. Trillium

6. Clinton’s Lily

7. Jack in the Pulpit

8. Mayapple

9. Ferns

10. Squaw root

11. Toothwort

12. Mushroom

13. Ladybugs

14. Vireo nest with bird in it.

There were 15 of us camping and I enjoyed being with them so much! Some of these friends I only see once a year at this campout so it is wonderful to catch up on news.

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Original image: 'Rhododendron’ by: Pat Hensley

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