Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

olympics Winter Olympics are here again and I’m kind of excited. No, I’m not an athlete and really into sports but I’m entering a thing called Ravelympics at the same time the Olympics are taking place. Now I’m sure you are asking what the heck that is so let me explain!

For some of you who follow me, you know that my newest obsession has been knitting. I joined this site called Ravelry which is an awesome place for fiber crafters. I have learned so much from meeting other knitters on this site who have answered my questions and inspired me. It is kind of a knitting PLN for me as opposed from my education PLN.

Well, on Ravelry, there is a big event coming up called Ravelympics which begins tomorrow night when the opening ceremony takes place. Everyone wanted to join will be casting on a project at that time. There is a list of “events” that you enter which involves different techniques/skills to make your project and then you post your finished project by Feb. 28. Those that finish will win prizes which are badges for your blog, avatar, etc. The most important rule of this event is to challenge yourself!

So I am going to try out a new skill that I learned in order to make a hat that I’ve been wanting. I’m really excited and willing to give it a try.

This had me thinking about doing something with students. What a great way to get them out of their doldrums right now. It is cold here in the northern hemisphere and instinct wants me to bundle up, hole up, and stay warm. When I challenge myself, I’m opening up and taking a risk. But if I do something along with the Olympics, I’m only committing myself to 2 weeks and that makes it doable.

I think it would be good to challenge students to think about something they could do to challenge themselves for the next 2 weeks. Maybe have them right their goal down. Have some sort of prize for all of the ones who finish it like a new pencil, pen, stickers, candy or even a certificate.

It would be a great way to incorporate social skills and have students encourage each other. Just like people who clap for the athletes when they finish an event, students can pat each other on the back when they see the person working towards their goal.

I think this would be a successful thing to do along with the Winter Olympics. Do you have any suggestions for challenges that students can do for two weeks? If so, let me know.

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Ryan said...

This could be a great opportunity to place students into groups and have them work together on various projects, riddles, etc. It will teach them a valuable lesson of teamwork and you could even give out some sort of medals after each 'learning event.'