Thursday, February 4, 2010

Furman Grad Courses

lecturehall I will be teaching Special Education grad courses for Furman again this summer. I’ve been asked to teach the Practica for LD/EBD from July 12-August 6 (deadline to enroll is in May). I will also be teaching EDEX 741 Procedures for Teaching Individuals with Exceptional Learning Needs I: pre-k through Grade 5. Since the enrollment is low, it will be a hybrid kind of course where we will only meet face to face 4-5 times probably after 4:30pm. I will post my lectures and assignments online. If we get more students enrolled, it may become a class that meets daily but right now it will be a hybrid kind of course.

I’m really excited about teaching both courses. I will be able to share my knowledge of different technology as well as universal design for learning in addition to all of the other wonderful topics.

If you need either one of these courses, please consider signing up. I’d love to have you in my class! For more information, click here for Graduate Studies in Education. You might have to ask specifically for the course that I’m teaching because I haven’t seen it on the schedule yet.

Original image: 'lecture hall' by: Kai Schreiber

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