Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Being an Elementary School Teacher – A Free ebook

teacher I recently received an email from Jill Randolph who works with CityTownInfo.com, a website providing over 50,000 reference pages of real-world information on careers, communities, and colleges to our 10 million annual visitors. She told me about a free ebook that “provides a candid, real-world perspective on the elementary teaching profession via interviews with 25 teachers from grades 1 through 5, across a variety of disciplines including reading specialists, PE, and music teachers, to name a few. The book offers advice, tips, best and worst parts of the job, as well as words of wisdom, inspiration and caution from working teachers.” She also provided me with a press release about this ebook.

I thought this sounded interesting so I went to the website to check it out. I was quite pleasantly surprised by what I saw there. In the 64 pages, I found:

· A summary of findings from interviews with real elementary school teachers

· Practical tips and advice

· The best and the worst parts of the job

· Words of inspiration balanced with cautionary notes

· What teachers say about working with children, interacting with parents, standardized testing and more.

· Full transcripts of all interviews

To download the free ebook, click on this link (http://www.citytowninfo.com/employment/elementary-school-teachers). 

If there is anyone out there that is thinking of being an elementary school teacher, this will probably be very enlightening. For those who are already teachers, it is also exciting to read about how others perceive the teaching profession. I think there should be something like this for every profession!

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