Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Will I Be Remembered?

“105% of those in Miss A’s class, the teacher who had more success, remembered her name. The reason it was more than 100% was that students who weren’t even in her class thought she was their teacher.”

It is nice that former students who were successful were impacted so much that they would remember their first-grade teacher’s name. I want to be that teacher too! I want to make such a difference in my students’ lives that they will remember my name years later.

In the same way, I remember some of my students and their names. There are many that have had an impact on my life too.

There are those students who created such academic challenges that I had to really work hard on finding the key to open the door to their success in my classroom. I hope that by finding the key, they will remember me as the teacher who had an important role in moving forward in their lives.

There are those students who had such behavior issues that I had to dig deep in order to get past these defense mechanisms in order to find the real person. I hope that they will remember that I saw them for who they are and not for how they behave.

There are those students who had such great common sense and insight that they were able to help me fine-tune my own teaching strategies. I hope that they will remember that I was open to their ideas and suggestions. I was willing to listen to what they had to say in order to be a better teacher.

I wonder if I saw a group of former students, how many of them would remember me? How many students that I never taught will remember me because, in some way, I made an impact on them? I sure remember the ones who had a strong impact on me!

Do you remember your students’ names? Why? Please share.

Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash


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