Tuesday, February 8, 2011

South Carolina Council For Exceptional Children Conference

sccec This past weekend I attended the South Carolina Council For Exceptional Children Conference. There were about 350 participant and 60 sessions to choose from (2 were cancelled). Due to the low participation, they kept the early registration fee for the whole time ($85). The conference started with the awards breakfast which was well attended.

I did not stay at the Sheraton Hotel attached to the convention center. I felt they were way overpriced at $129 when hotels along the beach were starting at $25, free parking, and free wifi. The Sheraton charged for parking each day (even if you were staying there) and $12 per day for the internet.

I thought most of the sessions were good and informative. I’m always disappointed though that wireless is not available at these conferences. Since the walls were so thick, it was also impossible to use my Smartphone to tell others about the sessions.

The sessions that I attended were:

1. Educator Self Advocacy

2. Help! I'm an LD Teacher and I have a Student with Autism!

3. Providing Auditory Access to Textual Materials

4. Advocating for Success

5. Realities of the Law: Paper vs.. Practice

6. Choosing Accommodations through a Collaborative Partnership

7. Effective Assessment for Transition Planning

In the next couple of days, I will be blogging about the sessions I attended. There was lots of information given and I’m still trying to process all that I learned. I think you will find the information useful. It is amazing how brain draining it is to attend conferences. I think it is the adrenaline rush from the excitement of attending and seeing colleagues not seen in awhile as well as the information overload.

Please come back over the next few days and see what I took away from the session!

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