Monday, June 14, 2010

Sharing the Joy of Outdoors

025I had the fun of hiking the other day with two tenth graders. They were so delightful to talk to and it brought back great memories about why I love teaching. They were full of excitement and wonder about everything they saw. They were happy and smiling and their joy spilled over to everyone they were near. How I wish I could bottle this energy and happiness and sell it to other people.

I think sometimes we can be rejuvenated just by being around young people. No judgments were made and I think all of us “old people” enjoyed being around them.

My friend Linda is the one who brought these girls to our hike and one of them was her granddaughter. What a great way to share the joy of outdoors! It is also a good way to nurture a relationship away from TVs and telephones. And the girls did not seem to resent being there so I don’t think they were forced to do this.

As we hiked, it was fun to hear them talk and fill the forest with laughter. Too many times we forget what it is like to be young again. When I hear adults complain about young people and their attitudes, I will mention what I experienced. Too many times we let these negative attitudes and thoughts crowd out the good experiences.

Have you had a great experience to share?

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Original Photo: Don and teens by Pat Hensley

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